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WIMBI Clothing Co

Wimbi is Swahili for Wave, and stands for We Inspire Movement By Impact. WIMBI is

a clothing line by day, and social change initiative by night; donating a portion of our profits to marginalized communities all over the world! Phase 1 of our mission begins with you and your orders! This is your chance to support a company with a worthwhile mission, and not to mention look pretty cool in the process!

For all of the amazingly picturesque places I have encountered during my travels, I have undoubtedly encountered an equal number of decrepit and marginalized places as well. Perhaps more. I've been heartbroken by some of the living conditions and stories I've come across and I decided to make an effort to do something about it. I always try to book Air BnBs or Hostels (and on some occasions, boutique hotels as long as they are local owned) to support the local community and I make a concerted effort to buy souvenirs from local artists and vendors. Still, I always felt and still feel that I can do more and hence WIMBI was born. Sizable amounts of WIMBI profits will be spent on any and every initiative that will have us. From feminine product to young girls in Rwanda, to literacy campaigns across the Caribbeans, to clean running water and electricity in Congo, building libraries in Kenya, and much much more (and no, we will not only focus on international needs).


I am in communication behind the scenes with representatives of companies that tackle social issues like this but I can't do it without you! WIMBI and MAPD are two different entities, but they go hand in hand and share similar mantras. We will continue to travel and enjoy life, but always with a conscious effort to leave the places we visit a little better off. Many tourism companies don't do it, many churches don't do it, and many luxury designer clothing brands (or brands of all kinds) surely don't do it. We will make the effort. We will make the change. We Inspire Movement by Impact. Click the WIMBI Logo down below to shop. You can also always click the logo in the top corner of the page next to the contact and social links.

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